Practical Products – ‘Relax and Bee Happy!’

Coaster & Placemat Sets, Clocks, + Brand New Bee Shapes! 🐝

Project 025: Practical Products – ‘Relax and Bee Happy!’

This project is all about practical products or ‘products with a purpose’, with the tagline ‘Relax and Bee Happy!’ to celebrate the launch of a ‘bee-autiful’ selection of new Bee and Bee related shapes!

Our Coaster, Placemat, and Home Decor category has seen the beginnings of a revamp with new listings being brought in for Fancy Shaped Coasters and Placemats/Pot stands! We also have a new Luxury Coaster and Placemat Gift Set for you to check out, along with a Luxury Placemat Gift Set to complement our existing Luxury Coaster Gift Set!

The Clock section has also seen a bit of a revamp too, with some keener prices on our ‘Budget’ square clock range to make them more affordable, and bringing all the options for clock mech choices (to all include our luxury quiet sweep mech), clock stands, and presentation options consistent across our clock products.

Finally, we have a few new ‘Build Your Own’ Listings that offer full customisation on some fab Home Decor or Wall Art products!

Bees and Beehives!

We have not one, but three brand new Bee Shapes! A Realistic Bee, a Cute Bee or Snazzy Snail, and a Flying Bee (all in multiple sizes). We also have a great Beehive Shape (available in 4 sizes), which could also become a shed, kennel, chicken house or greenhouse – and perfect as dry wipe signs!

Pair any of these shapes with our existing Hexagons (or maybe a Mason Jar for a jar of honey!) to create some awesome Bee themed products and displays! We used a Hexagon in A3 mirror silver finish to create a lovely mirror and got a bit crafty when we attached some of the smaller bees using our strong foam pads to create a brilliant 3D item!

You can create fantastic built up 3D scenes and ‘bee punny’ (LOL) on quote signs, wall plaques and door plates, or keep things simple with practical dry wipe signs and fridge magnets for the kitchen!  Finally, also embracing the ‘practical theme’, tiny and small bees make the most bee-autiful jewellery!


Clocks are fantastic ‘products with a purpose’ that can add a personal touch and brighten up anyone’s Home or Office space!

Our range of Clocks offer some fab choices of different sized wall clocks and desk clocks in both standard and fancy shapes! There is something that will suit everyone’s individual style, practical needs and budget.

The Small Clock Luxury Gift Set makes a perfect desk clock. There are 2 shapes to choose from in this set, and also the option to add a tin or box as a perfect finishing touch!

The Hinged Panel Desk Clock (available in rectangular or square variations) is perfect to function as a practical clock, but also to be personalised with family memories, or you could even increase the practicality by using one of the panels for important information or notes!

Finally, our 405 x 120 mm Rectangle Clock would be great printed up as a Grandfather style clock, a perfect gift to market to the older generation perhaps?

Build Your Own!

Following on from the success of our ‘Build your own party pack’ launched last time, we are extending our ‘Build Your Own’ listings that enable you to customise our existing Set items (like Stocking/Penguin wall art,  Mini panel wall art ). These ‘Build Your Own’ listings allow you to order most of the pieces in the standard sets individually but in one place, in the exact quantities you require, so you can tailor the sets to meet your own needs as closely as possible…

-Panel Hanging Wall Art:

The New! Build Your Own Panel Hanging Wall Art makes for a brilliant decoration for anyone’s space – and it can be practical too!

They can be used in so many different ways such as: displaying names of family, names of pets, Birthdays and Anniversaries, significant events within the family, or even be printed up with motivational quotes to encourage productivity and positivity! Because this is a Build Your Own listing, you can put together Panel Hanging sets of all different sizes and styles to appeal to a wide array of customers!

-Bunting Set:

Our New! Build Your Own Bunting Set is perfect for anyone’s decorating needs! With this listing, you can choose your own set from the array of shapes available, and also choose exact quantities and hanging options too!

Bunting is a fantastic way to add a splash of style to any celebration, and it is a very popular item to decorate with! Metal Bunting offers a sturdy long lasting option that is ‘green’ as it can be used year after year as it is easily cleaned.

Why not try mixing and matching some shapes together to create loads of awesome bunting sets that your customers will love! Create sets for Birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, Anniversaries, or even Weddings!

Coaster and Placemat Updates!

As mentioned above, we have started to revamp our Coaster, Placemat, and Home Decor category – starting with a few new listings that group together some of our Fancy Shapes that can be used as Coasters and Placemats! Hopefully these new listings help to give you an idea how you can incorporate some of our fancy shapes into home decor and table displays.

In our example pictured above (the first photo of the coasters/placemats) we have used our new Budget 85 x 85 mm Coaster in Brushed Silver to create some beautiful coaster sets! This coaster is also the free gift for September and October, so you can see for yourself how good it looks!

While using our white metal will give you the closest representation of the colours that you see on your screen, using another of the finishes we offer – such as brushed silver or brushed gold or satin matt (pictured in the first, second, and third photos of the coasters/placemats) – can give your products an extra look of elegance and sophistication!

While you do have to account for the slight colour change, it is well worth the results! In our Coaster and Placemat sets pictured in the first two photos you can see that the silver metal has really helped the designs and colours to pop and stand out.

Cohesive sets of Coasters and Placemats look brilliant all set out on the table! Not only can they be unique sets personalised specific to the customer, they can also be marketed for many occasions – as you can create themed sets for special times, celebrations or holidays.

We now offer the choice between Cork or Poly Bumpers, or MDF backs for our range of Coasters and Placemats/Pot Stands. All options give a nice finish, but MDF offers an extra layer of luxury and sturdiness – we already offer our placemats with MDF backs, but will soon offer pre-glued, or glue/tape yourself for our MDF coasters too!

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