Father's Day recap, Teacher's designs and Design Team call! ūüéČ

Father’s Day is right around the corner, so this is your last opportunity to grab anything from our range in time for the occasion!

We have even more brand new shapes releasing – including some fun Gym/Exercise themed shapes and a new Dinosaur Shape, so read on to learn more about these as well as a teaser of our plans for future product launches!

If you’ve been keeping up with our Newsletters and Updates, you may have seen us mention our external Design Team a few times, which we are happy to say is running fabulously. So, we’re pleased to announce that we are interested in adding a few more people to this team! If you have a passion for designing and are interested in sharing ideas with like-minded people (with the added benefit of receiving packs of free samples and seeing new products before launch!), then register your interest by emailing us at: nicci@sublimetals.co.uk¬†or get¬†in touch via our FB page!

We also recently started up a Subli Metals Customer Group! This is a place to share ideas, show off your products, ask questions, get hints and tips, and see new product announcements from us! This group is open to everyone so please feel free to join and get involved! You can scan the QR code below or click the link above to join.

Finally some info regarding Parcelforce rates: unfortunately, but not unsurprisingly, our rates with Parcelforce have gone up (like everything else, they always go up, never go down!) and we are unable to absorb the increase – so our new mainland UK price for 24 hour courier delivery including secure packaging is ¬£8.95 plus VAT on our wholesale Subli Metals site and a subsidised ¬£6.74 including VAT on our retail site Crafti Metals (which, remember, has higher prices to begin with but no minimum order amount and where we only despatch twice a week – plus where we also reserve the right to send very small or light orders by Royal Mail). We’ve kept the carriage paid threshold the same, at ¬£95, for the present.

Why do we use Parcelforce? We know not everyone likes them, but they are the only courier who will collect from us in the afternoon (our slot is 2.30pm). ALL the others require morning pick up, plus we have used them for nearly 10 years, currently sending out over 100 parcels a week – many of them up to weight at 30 kg a parcel, and we still only have to chase up less than 1 a month on average.

Important Dates:

  • Father’s Day¬†– Sunday 18th June
  • Summer Shutdown – 28th August to 1st September (We re-open Monday 4th September!)

May/June Free Gift

If you ordered from us during May, you will have received a taster set of board game items Рa Coaster sized plaque and 10 discs for you to create your take on a Noughts and Crosses board! If you order in June, however, you will receive 3 discs, a 25 mm poly dome, a Meeple Shape, plus 3 plaques so you can have a go making game tokens and trivia cards!

May/June Special Offer

Don’t forget about our May and June Special Offer: an introductory price for our 2 new Board Game Sets – our¬†Travel Game Set¬†and our¬†Metal Card Gift Set¬†– buy them at a fab 20% off! As sets they already represent good value (as we always lower the price for bundles) but buy now for the best deal yet!

New Products

Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner – coming up on Sunday 18th June… This is your last chance to get anything from our¬†brilliant range of Father’s Day products¬†in time for the occasion!

Our array of¬†Gift Sets¬†such as the:¬†Super Deluxe Golf Set,¬†Luxury Hip Flask Set,¬†Luxury Heavyweight Keyring Set, or the¬†Luxury Multi-Charm Keyring Set¬†make fantastic gifts this Father’s Day!

Also be sure to check out our great shapes such as: the¬†Hammer,¬†Handsaw,¬†Truck,¬†Lego Bricks,¬†Decorator’s Paintbrush,¬†Plank,¬†T-Shirt,¬†Guitar,¬†Dart Flight, Plane, Golf Club, and¬†Motorbike! Create fun door plaques, wall art, fridge magnets, bookmarks, and more to appeal to any Dad, Grandad, or Uncle this Father’s Day!

New Shape Showcase!

Our¬†new Meeple Shape¬†is perfect for Board Games! This is the first of our token shapes, available in 8 sizes and can be used for game counters, scoreboards, or even game related accessories! Keep an eye out for some fun freestanding versions being added very soon…

In our last Newsletter, we teased that Lego Style Figure and Pawn Chess Piece shapes would be launching in the near future as part of our ‘token’ shapes, and they are almost ready! Both the Lego Style Figure and Pawn will be available in 7 sizes, and will also have some freestanding options adding in order for you to be able to create awesome board game counters and playing pieces – so stay tuned for this!

As per a request on our¬†Wish List, we have developed some fantastic Gym Themed shapes! Available now are: a Dumbbell Shape (with 2 sizes of Cut Above Signs!), a Kettlebell Shape, and a Gym Weight Shape. All of these exercise themed shapes are available in a range of different sizes and are perfect for any Gym Mad people! They’re also great for Home Gyms, Gym Bag accessories, or even as promotional items for your local Gyms!

We have another Dinosaur Shape to go along with our existing Triceratops Shape… a new¬†Brachiosaurus¬†Shape! This shape is available in 7 sizes and is perfect for creating keyrings, wall art, fridge magnets, and cute badges!

Coming Soon: a¬†Boxing Glove Shape, Leisure and Racing Bikes, plus a collection of Fantasy, Garden, and Steampunk themed shapes (such as, a frog, mushroom shapes, cogs, a top hat, a hot air balloon, and many more…) that will fit in nicely with our project for our upcoming July/August Newsletter!

Graduation and Back to School!

Whether it’s graduation season or time to go back to school, we have a selection of products that make brilliant and practical gifts for both Teaching Staff and Students!

We asked our Design Team to have a go at designing all kinds of graduation and back to school items – and as usual they didn’t disappoint! Check out some of their awesome designs below and along the side!


Our range of bookmarks and book tags – including our awesome Apple Bookmark – are great for gifts for any Teacher or Student that loves to read! They also double up as fantastic keepsakes as one can never have too many bookmarks!


The Apple Shape is a no-brainer for Teacher gifts! Whether it’s a thank you gift at the end of the school year, or a fun hanging decoration for their classroom – there are so many possibilities!


One member of our Design Team did a bit of thinking outside of the box and used our Skull and Crossbones Shape to create this cool ‘School’s Out’ plaque! They also used our Memorial Plaques/Garden Markers to create this beautiful thank you gift for a Teacher – complete with some forget-me-not seeds for them to plant!


Kind Regards,

Nicci, Carl, Claire,¬†Caroline, Pippa, Jodie, Emily, Louise,¬†Tina, Jo, Bill, Lisa, Petal the Doberman,¬†Trixie the Jack Russell, & Donder and Blitzen the Sprocker Siblings¬†–¬†the Subli Metals Team!

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