Custom Cut Medium Circle/Washer or Oval or Rect or Polygon or Star – Variable Size MAX 70mm x 70mm – 1.1mm thick


Use this item for any circle, oval, machine cut rectangle or square, washer/ring, polygon (inc. equilateral triangles) or star shape in 1.1 mm thick aluminium that is NOT already listed under 70 x 70 mm (if your item is a circle/washer or oval is under 35 x 50mm please use this cheaper alternative listing here: 1.1mm variable size circle/washer or oval up to 35 x 50mm MAX)

Please enter length of the long side and width of the short side, or diameter in the areas provided.

  • THERE IS A MAXIMUM LENGTH AND WIDTH OF 70 mm (minimum hole size for hanging holes or washer centres is 3 mm).

If your item is required as an insert, we also offer a service for creating the insert exactly to fit – but as this is time consuming (in terms of trialling on our expensive machines and listing on our website to reorder) we charge a one-off set up fee towards our costs, which is £20 – please use this link:

Custom cut Insert only – 50 x 50mm max

With the premium, exact fit INSERT service above, you mail us the item you require us to make the inserts for (the item the insert will fit INTO not another insert). We will then create the insert and list it on our standard item as a custom cut for you to re-order any time.

You may still order your item if needed as an insert without using this service, but you must agree that Custom cut items are not returnable if you are unhappy at the fit (they will be made exactly to your measurements but your measurements may not be accurate as we know that it is very difficult to measure recesses (from bitter experience lol!)

Please check that your sizes are within the parameters stated for this item. They are priced according to the amount of items that we can cut from our sheets, based upon the maximum sizes. If you choose sizes above the maximums, we will have to refund the whole order for you to place correctly.

These ‘variable’ items allow us to be completely flexible and provide you with sizes not listed elsewhere on our site (please check this section for the sizes we currently stock: Standard Circles, Ovals and semi circles and Custom Cut Sheet). Sizes listed on these standard listings (even custom ones) may be much better priced than using this variable item – so please check there first.


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