SEPT / OCT 2019 newsletter

Panel Wall art, new heart tins and bauble special offer!

September already! This year is flying by and it looks like you’re all having a busy year too, as business is booming! We’re gearing up for the busy festive season by buying in as much metal as possible, as early as possible, so we can get making your items as far in advance as we can. To help us to help you further, if you have projections for Christmas usage, feel free to email or give us a call to discuss

Seasonal / Marketing Ideas
Christmas items are still flying off the shelves here. Our stocking wall art has proved really popular and we’d love to see any that you’ve printed up! Our new supergiant A3 bauble is great for doors and as wall art. If there’s no room for a tree why not just hang a few of these on the wall or doors for a real statement? Our new mini panel wall art (shown here with the house option) comes with a title or focal panel and 6 long panels which can be added for different life events, house move, wedding, new baby, new dog – the possibilities are endless! We think this will be a really nice gift, especially for newlyweds to keep adding to as their story grows. Don’t forget the Christmas table! We have everything to sublimate from napkin rings and placecards to placematscoasterswine labels and even labels for gifts

New Products
Silver or rose gold coloured heart shaped tin with printable insert 79p
Mini panel hanging wall art from £2.48 
Panel wall art from £3.75 
Baubles in supergiant (A3) from £3.95 and giant (A4) £2.75 bauble 0.5 and 0.7mm 
Subli essentials multi charm keyring pack £13.75
Subli essentials 0.7mm long keyring pack £14.95
Luxury Spinner keyring with 2 inserts £1.25
Love charms and pendants added in 1.1mm
New sizes added to Bestselling bauble – in 0.5, 0.7 or 1.1mm Small 45p, Tiny 35p
UPDATED! Card strut – new A5 added £1.65 (pack of 5)
UPDATED! Stylised Butterfly – new A5 size added £1.49

September/October free gift
Place an order in September or October and you will get a free piece of coloured metal. This ties in with our focus on how coloured metals and different finishes print and also the launch of our fabulous Panel wall art kits (which are availble in sets of mixed colours). It’s a lucky dip so you may get any of: Brushed Gold, Mirror Gold, Satin Gold Matt, Satin Gold Gloss, Mirror Silver, Satin Silver Matt or Brushed Copper. Remember to remove the film and print on the coloured side.

September/October Special Offer 
After stocking fever last month, this time we’ve gone Bauble Barmy! For September and October we’re offering 25% offany of our 0.5 or 0.7mm baubles. That’s our bestselling bauble in large 92mm and medium 73mm, or NEW sizes – small 35mm, Tiny 22mm or our NEW giant (A4) and supergiant (A3) baubles and Victorian, Art Deco, Traditional, Scallop Circle (2 sizes) Scallop Square and Scallop Oval. Order as normal and the discount will be applied. But be quick! This offer ends on October 31st.

Why do I have to pay for a quote for a shape? 
Everyone thinks that quotes should be free – we just guesstimate a price don’t we? Actually no, if you want a bespoke shape we have a long process to go through, all of which ensures that you get an accurate price – along with a sample of your potential product. It would be wrong for us to guesstimate because then if you go away and do the calculation and order the item, we want the price to be accurate and what you were quoted when you got your sample. The price for a quote includes us designing and laying out your shape on our software, calculating how many we can get on a sheet, cutting your item and examining them for defects, plus finishing them. The human time involved is considerable from the designer who deals with the software to the machine operator who puts the metal on the machine and cuts it, to the workshop manager who checks everything over. Bearing in mind that lots of quotes never make it past the quote itself we have to charge for the process – otherwise if it never goes any further we have all been working for nothing! Which is not only bad business sense but slows down legitimate orders that we have to process and send out. 

One Item – Three Ways! 

This month, continuing our focus on showing you how fabulous our coloured metal can be, we’ve printed one image across three very different finishes. Nicci’s budding artist daughter Jacinta painted this silhouette of hands tenderly touching in the sunset as an accompaniment for a poem about finding your partner, so we experimented on brushed copper, brushed gold and white. Each finish creates a different look , we just needed to decide which we preferred to convey the emotion of love to go with the poem….
For obvious reasons, white produces the image that looks closest to the original drawing. It gives a glossy professional look to your artwork .
Brushed Gold
Brushed gold looks stunning with this golden sunset background. It adds depth and texture to make the artwork really vibrant and adds a warm glow to the image. 
Brushed Copper
Brushed copper gives our sunset a rich moody feel. The colour of the metal affects the image colours dramatically, so it won’t work for every item, but for those it does, it adds depth and texture which creates a look with real impact and a contemporary feel. 

Kind Regards
Nicci, Carl, Bev, Claire, Sam, Aimee, Rob, Charlotte, Laura, Clover and Petal – the Subli Metals team!

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