Happy Holidays! 🎄🎁 - A recap of some of our new products...

Our Christmas run in continues to be a busy one, 20% up on last year surprisingly! – so first of all thank you for your patience while our amazing team has been working hard to get your orders out to you! (we’re definitely counting down the days until our well earned rest now!!)

Once again, we want to remind you that our Christmas Shutdown will run from Thursday 21st December (with the cut off point for orders being Noon) until Monday 1st January, and we will be re-opening on Tuesday 2nd January.

Additionally, please remember to check the messages on the homepage of our website to keep up with the current status of our order turnaround times, and remember that we do not work Fridays so any orders placed on Thursday afternoon will not be looked at until the following Monday morning.

After listening to customer comments and spending time researching and canvassing other options, we are happy to announce that we are in the process of trialling DPD alongside Parcelforce – who, we agree, have let their service levels slip this year, since the strikes of last year. So far results seem mixed – with some customers happy we using a different courier, but a surprising amount not so happy!!

Please can you let us know your experience of either courier, through our Facebook customer group (where we will run a poll) or directly via email to to help us make a decision on who to use as our primary courier next year.

Finally, we’re recapping some of our new products that launched in our November/December issue, as well as going back over some fun last minute ideas for Christmas!

Important Dates:

  • Christmas Shutdown – Thursday 21st December (Noon) to Monday 1st January, we re-open Tuesday 2nd January!

November/December Free Gift

To thank you all for your custom this year, if you ordered in November you will have received a small packet of Haribo along with a cute small mirror silver puffy star! Now, if you order in December you will receive a small packet of Milk Way Chocolate Magic Stars, a small mirror silver puffy star, and some small samples of our brand new Rose/Pink Gold coloured metal for you to admire!

November/December Special Offer

The Special Offer for November and December is a further 20% off our ‘already discounted’ Clock Starter Pack and brand new ‘Clever Clocks’ Pack plus the new huge Clock Bumper Collection!

The Starter Pack is a perfect introduction to our budget and standard clocks, whilst the ‘Clever Clocks’ pack features our unusual free-standing, hinged, 8/12 Point and the Luxury Gift Set – buy both packs together as the Clock Bumper Collection – with a whopping discount until Christmas!

New Products

Socials – Follow Us!

Remember you can find us over on Instagram: @_sublimetals and @craftimetals! Please give a follow on both accounts to stay up to date with us here at Subli Metals! We’ll be posting fun reels and photos showcasing our products and the things we get up to…

We also have a Sublimetals Customer Group over on Facebook that anyone is welcome to join! Feel free to head on over and join in the conversations, ask questions, get hints and tips, and show off your makes!

New Metal!

We have some great new metal finishes available in a handful of our products (at least to start off with!).

There are 3 Rose/Pink Gold colours that have been added to the Business Cards, Coasters, Placemats, and Napkin Rings. In addition to this we also have some Economy Steel Sheets available in a range of sizes (perfect for magnetic dry wipe boards!), and some Double Sided metal that has been added to the Business Cards and Bookmarks!

We have plans to add these finishes to more products in the future, so be sure to keep an eye out!

Beautiful Baubles!

Baubles are a very popular classic and a must have decoration for the festive season. We have a range of different shapes and sizes when it comes to baubles (plus we have a whole stack of fancy shapes that can double up as a bauble decoration too!).

Speaking of fancy shaped baubles, our Penguin, Snowman, Snow Globe, Bear, Gift, Tree, Elf Boot, Gonk, and Gingerbread Person (among others) work perfectly as a unique Christmas decoration!

Our 73 mm Best Selling Baubles are one of the most popular sizes of the baubles we stock – so we offer them in an Xtra Value Pack of 100, or a smaller Best Selling Pack of 20. It is a classic round bauble shape, so we can definitely see why it’s so loved!


The Bauble Barmy listing has a great selection of different shaped baubles to choose from to get you started – these work brilliantly when personalised with names as it becomes a special decoration to be hung on the tree each year! We also offer an optional range of hanging options in different colours for our baubles including: ribbon, ball chain, and natural twine.

Baubles can make beautiful memorial pieces for the tree. This is a lovely way to pay tribute to and remember a lost loved one during the Christmas period. They can also be used to mark certain milestones, such as a Child’s first Christmas, first Christmas in a new home, first Christmas as a married couple, first Christmas as Grandparents – the list goes on! Printed up like this they become real keepsakes to bring a smile to your face rather than just solely something pretty to decorate with.

Classy Clock Sets!

We have a broad range of different types of clocks, and with all the options available it can be hard to know where to start or what will work best for you!

To help with this, we sell a ‘handy’ Clock Starter Pack that contains standard and shaped clocks in 4 sizes, along with a selection of mechs and hands to start helping you create awesome clocks. We have now also added a ‘Clever Clocks’ Pack featuring our range of unusual clocks – free-standing, hinged, 8 or 12 Point, and our Luxury Gift Set! If both packs sound good and you’re finding it hard to choose between then, then why not order both together in the Clock Bumper Collection for a further discount?

An addition to our clock sets is the New! ‘Floating Image’ 3D Wall Clock Set! This set comes with some large clock hands in black or copper, and a choice between a pack of 12 x A6 Plaques or 12 x 89 mm Circles to create the numbers! This set can be used to create a statement piece for the wall in the form of a functional clock.

The A6 Plaques could be printed up as a set of photos in a Polaroid photo style design. This is a fantastic way to capture and display the memories of a holiday or fun day out. The Circle Set can be printed up with some fun Christmas bauble designs, making it a wonderful seasonal variation for the wall clock! We plan on expanding the shape packs offered in this set in the future to include different themed packs (such as Christmas and Halloween!) as well, so keep an eye out for this…

Don’t forget about our Luxury Clock Gift Sets! Choose your clock style, then choose a tin or box to present the clock in. Our tins feature a 0.5 mm White Topper which you can sublimate to match the design on the clock, or even use it to personalise the set for whoever is receiving it! We offer these in Small and new for this year – a Medium version!

Clocks are a wonderful gift idea, no matter who they are for. Whether it’s for Birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or Anniversaries – everyone needs a reliable (and of course beautifully printed!) clock for their home, office, cafe, shop, or business!


Well the countdown is definitely on to the big day – with all of you seemingly as busy as us…  if the orders still streaming in are anything to go by! So to finish our email we thought we’d give you a smile, with a cute photo of our resident workshop dog (dressed in her natural Reindeer attire – as being called Blitzen, it fits her perfectly!)

Kind Regards,
Nicci, Carl, Claire, Caroline, Pippa, Jodie, Emily, Louise, Tina, Jo, Lisa, Rebecca, Petal the Doberman, Trixie the Jack Russell, & Donder and Blitzen the Sprocker Siblings – the Subli Metals Team!

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