Fun ideas for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and Easter! ūüíź

Happy New Year! We’re back and fully refreshed from our break, ready to tackle what this year throws at us…

We have a lot of exciting things planned for 2024, so make sure you’re keeping up with us through our Newsletters, on Instagram, and on our Facebook Sublimetals Customer Group.

Firstly, we’re busy trying to add our new colours and finishes to more products, with the first this year being the Aluminium Sheet section. We’re starting with adding the new Rose/Pink gold finishes to our popular sizes, with all sizes having these options added eventually. Secondly, we have some other exciting finishes to launch including: a lovely matt finish in a few different configurations, an interesting textured finish, and the first of a range of much more economical outdoor grade sublimation range in different thicknesses and finishes – starting with 0.5 mm white. There’s lots to look forward to! ūüôā

But for now we’re focusing on some brilliant products and ideas for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Easter in our Seasonal Section. All three occasions are coming up soon, so be sure to use this as an opportunity to get ahead with your own products!

Then we’re attempting to brighten up these dreary winter months with a fun Beach and Holiday themed project! We have a stack of brand new products and shapes ready to kick 2024 off in style!

Finally, some important sneak peek news… we have some great SALE items coming! If you want to be first in the queue for the photo sneak peeks and initial announcements you need to join our Facebook Customer Group – but rest assured we will also be emailing out details of our offers for seconds, overstock, or discontinued items as well – so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for FLASH SALE or LAUNCH news coming to your inbox very soon…

Important Dates:

  • Easter Shutdown – Monday 1st April¬†to Friday 5th April, we re-open on Monday 8th April!

January/February Free Gift

The Free Gift for January and February is an ‘Oldie but a Goldie’!

A Multi-Charm Keyring Set for you to personalise for a loved one! They make perfect gifts for occasions at this time of year: Mother’s Day or Father’s Day – printed with “this mum/dad belongs to” or you can add love quotes like ‘to the moon and back’ for a Valentine!

Print yours up to practice and then buy more in our Special Offer listings below to market to your customers, once you see how effective – for something so simple – they are!

January/February Special Offer

For the first 2 months of the year our Special Offer is 20% off any of our Multi-Charm Keyring listings!

These include our new Best Seller Pack of 25, our Luxury Multi-Charm Keyring Gift Set, our updated listings of Standard Multi-Charm Keyrings, and the new Build Your Own selection of Multi-Charm Keyrings, which allows you to easily customise exactly how many charms, additional shapes, and rings you need!

New Products

Share To Win!

For this issue’s Share To Win we have this simple but elegant keyring from Missy’s Printing that would make a sweet gift for Valentine’s Day!

We also have this Pet Bead by Kerrie Pegrum which is a great addition to any pet owner’s bracelet! Personalise the insert with a photo of the pet to make a lovely keepsake gift for a special occasion.

Socials – Follow Us!

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Seasonal/Marketing Ideas

Valentine’s Day is coming up (as it always does) on February 14th and Mother’s Day is not far behind on March 10th! We have some great products that make cute gifts for these occasions…

Our Standard Token Sets and Luxury Token Sets are the perfect gift idea. They can be printed up as date night idea tokens, milestone tokens, redeemable tokens, reasons for love – the list goes on!

Our Pocket Hugs are also a lovely way of sending a heartfelt message to show someone that you’re thinking of them. They work great as a gift for both Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or any special day!

Simply choose your shape and optional wallet card to complement it. You can put these together by attaching the shape with ribbon, twine, foam pads, or tape for a cute little keepsake for the recipient to keep in their purse, wallet, or bag.

Check out our popular Heart ShapesTraditional, Puffy, Classic, and Folk – for an elegant and versatile product! They can become tokens, fridge magnets, hanging decorations, badges/pins, and keyrings – all specially personalised depending on who the gift is for.

A few of our other popular items include our bookmarks and coasters. These can be designed however you want, and for any occasion. They’re also such a staple item – everyone needs a unique personalised bookmark and/or coaster in their life!

Get started early on some awesome ideas for Easter! A great place to start would be with our Easter Hunt Set – this includes a selection of shapes to allow you to start setting up some interactive Egg Hunts, plus everything is reusable so there’s no waste! Each set comes supplied with an eraser topped dry wipe pen so the clues can be changed up every year.

The Egg Holders and Easter themed shapes are brilliant, especially when used as a fun gift for Easter, or even as a prize for an Egg Hunt… They’re available in a few different shapes, including: a chick, rabbit, egg, sheep, circle, and square (some of these are even free standing and make cute decorations for any room in the house!).

Don’t forget to check out the full range of our Easter products if you’re looking to create some cool products this Spring…

One Item, Three Ways!

We’re taking a look at our new Rose and Pink Gold finishes to show off how they look with three different designs printed on our A6 6×4 approx sheets! This will hopefully help to guide you in the best ways to use these lovely colours.

Photo – This photo has printed brilliantly on all 3 of the colours. It has a lot of pink and orange tones which were enhanced by the pink and rose gold finishes. If your photo has colours that won’t compliment the pink that well or you need the colours to be as close to what you seen on your screen, then sticking with white or possibly brushed silver is a better idea.

Graphic/Words –¬†This is the simplest of the designs and all 3 colours look fantastic. The minimalism of a design containing just words or line art allows the metal colour to shine through and be shown off. It also negates the need to include a background in the design as the metal is providing that for you, creating a truly elegant effect!

Artwork –¬†On both of the brushed finishes, the pink colour comes through well in the finished piece, while the satin finish gives the design a softer pink filter. The colours on all 3 of the metal finishes have still come out nice and bright, just with a pink filter over the top (something to keep in mind if you use them).


Don’t forget to head over to the Inspiration Gallery to check out our newest project!

Hopefully this bumper newsletter has given you some inspiration to check out our website and Social media pages for further info – and remember to keep checking for SALE info coming soon…

Finally some sad news, the tiniest member of our team – Trixie the Jack Russel sadly passed over the rainbow bridge this week. She was over 16 years old and had had a good innings and until Christmas was still pretty sprightly (joining in our Christmas jumper team and Family greetings photos), hassling the workshop team for treats and attention! But time caught up with her and so we all say a sad goodbye, her tenacious typical Jack Russel character will be missed by all ūüėĘ

Kind Regards,
Nicci, Carl, Claire,¬†Caroline, Pippa, Jodie, Emily, Louise,¬†Tina, Jo, Lisa, Rebecca, Petal the Doberman¬†& Donder and Blitzen the Sprocker Siblings¬†–¬†the Subli Metals Team!

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