Subli Essentials BEST SELLER! Baby on boards (pack of 20)


Pack of 20 of our Best Selling Baby-on-boards in our most popular option: 150 x 150 mm Diamond hanging, White 0.5mm,  in 2 hole options -standard 1 hole,  or deluxe 2 hole, in a convenient to order pack size – and available here as a Subli Essential pack – so you DO NOT have to reach our minimum order, as long as you ONLY shop in this category (if you want to add other items and can meet our minimum order – please use this item:   BEST SELLER! Baby on boards (pack of 20)

Personalise as car sign baby-on-boards, pet-on-boards, funny quotes… or use them as window signs – for  Christmas they make great Santa stop here signs for fabulous seasonal gifts. Sell to tourist attractions for keepsakes and souvenirs – the list is endless… an amazingly versatile product at an amazing price!

  • 150 x 150 mm x 0.5 mm thick

Choice of hanging options available for with this product:

  • Standard  – 1 hole top corner, 1 large window sucker, 3 mini poly bumps (to help stop rattling)
  • Deluxe      – 2 holes opposite corners, 2 large window sucker, 2 mini poly bumps (to help stop rattling)

20 Baby-on-boards not enough? Then please order from our standard item below or our Xtra value pack.

  • Or if you prefer another finish, or want different hanging options, then this product is still available as our standard Best seller Baby-on-board where you can customise to your hearts content.


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