Introducing some brand new Royal Themed shapes - perfect for Jubilee! 👑

We’re into April already – Spring is in full swing and we’re seeing the full range of spring weather – from blazing sun to snow showers in a week LOL!

This update is packed with some brand new Royal themed shapes (great for Jubilee keepsakes! and much more), new additions to our Xtra VALUE! Pack range, and reminders of our great products for both Easter and Father’s Day.

Important Dates:

  • Easter Sunday – April 17th
  • Queen’s Jubilee – June 2nd to June 5th
  • Father’s Day – June 19th


We have a couple of new goals that as a company we are pursuing this year:

  • First is to promote ‘Made in the UK’ or even closer to home for us – ‘Made in Yorkshire’ as a policy. We will be adding a logo and explanation to our home page very soon to try and get you to think about using this feature as a marketing tool in your own campaigns to make it really clear to your customers that your items are ‘Home’ made and not mass produced abroad, so are even more special and to be treasured. Your customers are supporting UK communities and helping our economy when they buy from your business – really important in these times of global uncertainty.
  • Secondly, we are looking at Environmental impact in our supply chain and manufacture of the products we offer and investing in the best choices where possible. Our first investment is in a cardboard shredder so we can try and minimise the amount of non recyclyable plastic packaging (bubble wrap and chips) we consume, as it’s a rather scary amount at present! And obviously to make better use of the vast amounts of cardboard that we receive and then have to pay to send to recycling! So hopefully the investment should pay for itself and more over time too… We will keep you updated on any other innovations we can make in this area as we go forward, as it is another way of you marketing to your customer to buy from you rather than buy imported items, if you can promote looking after the planet as a priority.

We will be introducing a new FAQ section on our Website (to the top tabs under Info) ASAP, which will list more information on both of the above policies, and obviously cover many of the other questions we are asked regularly.

March/April Free Gift

A quick reminder of our Free Gift and Special Offer…

The free gift for March and April is a 63 x 63 mm Square Fridge Magnet, with rounded corners and a 4 cm Magnet Strip! This size of Fridge Magnet is our Budget Square size, and it is available in small packs of 5 or in white in packs of 100 as one of our new Xtra VALUE! Packs.

March/April Special Offer

March and April’s Special Offer is 20% off any items from our Easter range – a perfect time to sample some different items – maybe one of our new Easter egg holders, plaques or clocks, or even the fabulous value Easter Hunt Kit – these make fab gifts, or print one up for your own families to have fun with! Make sure to take advantage of this deal before April 30th!

What’s New?

We are adding as many marketing ideas to our shapes as we can to help inspire you (read on for each shape below), and the Queen has made available her specially designed ‘Platinum anniversary logo’ free to use to create keepsakes for this event for personal and commercial use! Be sure to download it from www.royal.uk and cash in on the glamour event of the year… you can print souvenir Fridge Magnets and Wall Signs, Jewellery – from pendants, charms, earrings, and brooches to Coasters and Key rings – all using any of our standard or shaped items, simply printed with the free official logo!

Royal Themed Shapes

We have a fantastic selection of new ‘Royal’ themed shapes for you to explore and try out! These are perfect for creating wonderful keepsakes for the Queen’s upcoming Platinum Jubilee celebrations. However, not just for the Jubilee, these regal shapes can also be used for themed parties and displays, or a ‘Princess’ or ‘Prince’ themed room – the Gems for all sorts of Anniversaries (think ruby weddings etc…) – let your imagination run wild!

Crown or Splash

Available in 6 sizes, this simple ‘cartoon’ style crown shape is perfect for door plaques, badges, and pendants/charms. This shape can also be used as a paint splash for art and craft rooms, and may pair nicely with some other new shapes that are coming soon!…

Fleur De Lis

The Fleur De Lis is available in 6 sizes and is perfect for Jubilee keepsakes such as: fridge magnets, party invitations, badges, and more! This regal shape would also make a fabulous addition to any chic home decor – create a stunning and practical wall or handbag mirror by ordering it in mirror silver finish, use it as the focal top shape of a Regal hanging wall art display – perfect for elaborate fancy dress party photos or keepsake anniversary photos that will create real impact.


We have 4 different styles of Gems available in a wide range of sizes – an oblong gem, a circular gem (or sun), a faceted tall gem (or terrarium), and a faceted short gem (or terrarium)! With the variety of shapes and sizes and the versatility of the shapes themselves, there’s bound to be something for everyone. They make particularly stunning shapes for jewellery designs, on their own or combined together – order our mirror silver or gold finishes to really show the glitzy designs off.

The Oblong shape is perhaps the most versatile – think wall signs or door/room plaques for starters but it is a great shape either way up to display photos on, so fridge magnets or badges would be great mementoes made in this shape…

The Circular shape is pretty as a gem but also really useful to create a ‘sunny’ display – think weather themed display boards – maybe a dry wipe sign with ‘What’s the Weather today?’ for a child’s room, or it could be the centre of a space theme display, using our moon and planet shapes or how about a feature Gem or Sun clock?

The Faceted gems are again beautiful for jewellery as brooches, pendants, charms and earrings (both ways up – Nicci’s daughter made some really pretty terrarium themed ones which we have pictured for you, just using sharpies directly on the metal – no sub required just varnish or resin coat after for protection! Perfect for the more ‘Crafty’ customers out there – maybe market them as ‘colour’ yourself items for children or adults. Printed as terrariums they would make fabulous home decor Wall Art for kitchens or any room in the house that needs brightening up!

Maltese Cross

Available in 6 sizes, the Maltese Cross is also a fab shape for Jubilee and also any themed keepsakes! We used jewel artwork to create glitzy brooches and pendants for the Jubilee theme (as it is based on the shape at the top of the Queen’s Coronation crown), but these shapes would also be perfect for a more subdued look in one of our muted finishes – maybe satin silver matt or just using black n white photos on white to create a commemorative wall art display – printing the image in the centre, adding details on the points and by adding holes to the base you could even hang commemorative medals (real or faux) to complete the item. Market this as a unique way of displaying your customers treasured memories.

Xtra Value Packs

With prices rising all over, we have been looking at our efficiency and how we can save money our end to pass on to you, our valued customers, where we can.

We have started to introduce a new xtra VALUE! pack range . Here we feature set size packs in some of our most popular options (eg: bestselling colours/thicknesses and with rounded corners etc…) in the pack size that is the most economical for us to produce, pack and send – so that we can retail them at the cheapest price possible.

Look for our Xtra VALUE packs to optimise the best savings (but if you need the flexibility of buying with different options – thicker metal, square corners etc… we will obviously still allow that – then please, to get the best rates, try to buy at our top bulk rates whenever you can). The Bulk rate discount table pops up whenever you choose the first selections on an item – please refer to this to see where the optimum price breaks lie, as they differ product by product, as we pass on savings we make in various areas when we can – such as from packaging in the most efficient way, or cutting to minimise as much waste as possible, and these may change form time to time as we discover different ways of packing or cutting. For instance, our best selling A5 approx. aluminium sheets now have added breaks at 50+ then at 125+ (it used to be 100) as we can fit 125 into our super sturdy re-usable plastic box to send it out to you in the best way to minimise damage and shorten packaging times. We have also managed to add an extra 1000+ rate for our heavy users of this size to add further savings.

In the March/April Newsletter we launched the A4 Ricoh (Pack of 125), A5 Approx. (Pack of 125 or Pack of 500), and 63 x 63 mm Square Fridge Magnet (Pack of 100)Value Packs and we have since added more to this range!

The new additions are: the 197 x 70 mm Door Plaque Value Pack (Pack of 100), the 150 x 45 mm Luxury Tall Bookmark Value Pack (Pack of 200), and the 85 x 54 mm Wallet/Business Card Value Pack (Pack of 125), with more to come including a new Budget Bookmark size in a Value pack, and Square 90 mm Coaster Value pack!


Easter is fast approaching, but there is still some time to check out our great products to get some inspiration and prepare for those fun Easter Egg Hunts (especially using our fun set)!

We introduced our new range of Egg Holders in the March/April issue of our Newsletter, and they’ve proven to be a fun product! Freestanding versions are available in the Chick, Sheep, Rabbit, Rabbit Pawprint, and Egg shapes, but we also have egg holders available in circle and square shapes for plaques and fun clocks/spinners. These are not free standing but they can be mounted in deep frames or hung with the clock mech’s hanger.

Our Wreath has 2 Easter Sets to choose from – the Easter Flower Set and the Easter Animal Set! Both come with 6 fab shapes and make lovely decorations for both walls and doors for the Spring and Easter seasons. The Wreaths are offered in A2, A3, and A4 sizes to allow you to create a wreath perfect for anyone to use year after year!
Consider printing them up with artwork, photos, or thoughtful quotes to create a selection of different styles of decorations for the wreath, that can be interchanged each season – market them as one wreath and different add-on sets, creating a product that your customer can go back to customise over time (so a neat ‘repeat business’ item!).

The new Fried Egg or Cloud shape is also a new addition to our Easter range! There are 6 different sizes, so you’re sure to find a size that works for the product you want to create – whether it’s a dry wipe sign, wall art, fridge magnet, or a cute pair of earrings! Stay tuned for more ideas using this ‘eggcellent’ shape coming soon!…

Father’s Day!

Mother’s Day has just passed (hopefully all the wonderful Mums, Grandmas, and Aunties etc.. out there got some lovely and thoughtful sublimated presents!) so now we’re turning our attention to Father’s Day, which is fast approaching in June!

We have loads of new shapes in the works that will be perfect for Father’s Day gifts, a preview of these is shown – Decorator’s brush, Art brush (or candle), Wooden plaque (or paint swoosh), Lego style brick (in many configurations), and a Royal crown. We will be adding them ASAP, so make sure to keep an eye on our Father’s Day section, but also look out for our May/June Newsletter where we’ll showcase these products in all their glory!

For now, we already have lots of awesome shapes to give you ideas on what to create and market to your customers for this occasion! If you are unsure which products to buy and want to sample a selection, we offer a fab Father’s Day Bumper Collection of themed products at a heavily discounted price! (this is also available as a Subli Essentials Father’s Day Pack for those who don’t want to/can’t reach the minimum order).

Use shapes such as: the Handsaw, Beer Glass, Bottle, Hex Spanner, T-ShirtGuitar, Games ControllerTractorTruckBus, and Car to create a variety of cool gifts for any Dad! Our selection of sizes allow you to create products from key rings & fridge magnets to door plaques, dry wipe signs, and wall art.


Last month we had a sad farewell to make…Sam, our Machine Room Manager and Assistant Manager to Claire (and also Claire’s sister) left us for pastures new after 8 years of working for us! She has been a fabulous member of the team over the years helping us to grow the business to the success it is – when she joined she was one of 4, when she left one of 15… and she has worked in every department from production, to helping in marketing, to dealing with customer enquiries and being in charge of our 5 different cutting machines (and learning all their quirks!) She has excelled at all so will be much missed (especially by Claire as she was her right hand girl lol) but we know she is ready for a new challenge (and one where she can work from home and spend more time with her young family) so we all wish her every success in her new role. As customers you shouldn’t notice too much, as testament to her, she has left a well trained team to take over in the machine room and her other duties will be allocated amongst the team, so you may have a new customer account contact going forward, who will introduce themselves shortly.

Kind Regards,

Nicci, Carl, Claire, Emily, Rachel, Louise, Caroline, Tina, Jodie, Nigel, Brandon, Rob, Sally, Bill, Petal the Doberman, Trixie the Jack Russell, & Donder and Blitzen the Sprocker Siblings – the Subli Metals team!

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