Step into Spring and get a head start on Father's Day Ideas! 🔧

Happy Spring!

In this issue we will be exploring some ideas for Father’s Day whilst our project (in the Inspiration gallery) is all about Easter, and we have some great products (including some exciting new ones – we’ve finally found time to start designing again – hurray!) to hopefully give you inspiration!

With prices increasing all over we have been looking at our efficiency and how we can save money our end to pass on to you, our valued customers, where we can.

So with this in mind, we are introducing a new xtra VALUE! pack range in a category of its own. Here we will feature set size packs in our most popular options (so bestselling colours/thicknesses and with rounded corners etc.) in the pack size that is the most economical for us to produce, pack and send – so that we can sell them to you at the cheapest price possible – look for our Xtra VALUE packs to optimise the best savings (but if you need the flexibility of buying with different options – thicker metal, square corners etc. we will obviously still allow that – then please try to buy at our top bulk rates whenever you can).

Important Dates:

  • Mother’s Day – March 27th
  • Easter – April 17th

March/April Free Gift

The free gift for March and April is a 63 x 63 mm Square Fridge Magnet, with rounded corners and a 4 cm Magnet Strip!

This size of Fridge Magnet is our Budget Square size, and it is now available in white in packs of 100 as one of our new Xtra VALUE! Packs. This range of Value Packs (the absolute cheapest price to buy in the item) will be expanded as we move forward to cover some of our most popular ranges.

Look out for: A5 approx. and A4 Ricoh, a new size Budget bookmark, and business card Xtra VALUE! Packs being added to our range in a new VALUE! category ASAP!

March/April Special Offer

March and April’s Special Offer is 20% off any items from our Easter range – a perfect time to sample some different items – maybe one of our new Easter egg holders, plaques or clocks, or even the fabulous fun Easter Hunt Kit – these make fab gifts, or print one up for your own families to have fun with!

New Products:

Customer ‘Share To Win’ Photos

In this issue’s Share To Win we have Chris Clarke’s fantastic Tractor Clock! Using our Giant A4 size with the Clock Kit, a great hanging clock has been created – a brilliant gift for any Dad this Father’s Day!

We also have Jenny Cole’s awesome Handsaw Charm/Keyrings using our Small size! With Father’s Day just around the corner, something like this would make a perfect gift for those DIY loving Dads!

Seasonal/Marketing Ideas

Since Father’s Day is our second busiest time of the year, we wanted to make sure to give you all some ideas in advance so you can prepare your chosen products to market!

Make sure to check out our Father’s Day section to see the whole range! We have some fantastic shapes such as the Handsaw and Hex Spanner, Tractor, Truck, Bus, and Car! If you want to sample a selection if you are unsure what to buy we also offer a fab Father’s Day Bumper collection of themed products at a heavily discounted price! (also available as a Subli essentials Father’s Day pack for those who don’t want to/can’t reach minimum order). Keep a close eye on this section as we have some new exciting shapes – a hammer and a ‘Lego’ style building block – being added very soon!

We have been coming up with ideas for using our metal to create games and puzzles! These make great gifts for Dad! We used our square metal to create a fun Dinosaur Dobble game – great for the whole family! – and some A5 Ricohs to create a couple of great Sudoku Boards (with the dry wipe feature these can be reused easily). Both of these are perfect for Father’s Day!

Be sure to stay tuned for more new shapes coming very soon – including some crown and jewel shapes that will be perfect for creating some lovely Jubilee keepsakes and souvenirs!

What’s New? – Custom Cut Shapes

During our busy period through Lockdown we suspended our Custom cutting service as we were too short staffed to offer the service properly. We are finally in a position to re-launch it, with a few key changes.

Bespoke Cutting:

Use our custom/bespoke form (found in Quotes for Bespoke cut items in the Product tab at the top of the website) to order a re-size of any of our existing shapes OR a sample of your own designed shape, that is then added to our website as a standard stock shape.

The form will collect all the details we require and the Pricing Grids in the photo gallery give you an idea how much the item will eventually cost (the prices shown are before options or any bulk discounts are added). You will be charged a set up fee from:

  • £14.00 for a re-sized shape to be listed, ready to order
  • £16.50 for a sample (in 0.5 mm White) of your own designed shape in vector format and a listing ready to order
  • £36.50 for a sample (in 0.5 mm White) for us to re-draw your design from a bitmap (jpg, png etc.) or scanned drawing, and list it ready to order

Custom ‘Exact Fit’ Inserts:

We have also added an item for creating custom exact fit circle, ovals, rectangles standard shapes (under 50 mm) inserts, where you pay a set fee of £20 and then post the item to us to create the exact insert and we then list the item as a custom size for you to order any time.

Find this service also offered in the Quotes for Bespoke cut items (under the Product tab at the top of our website page) – so that both this and the bespoke options can be ordered without having to reach our standard £39 minimum order requirement.

Small Standard Shapes, Custom Sizes:

In a similar style to how we offer Custom Cut variable items in rectangular sizes (which we list in the Custom cut section) we have added a new ‘variable size’ product to order any size (under 70 mm) standard machine cut shapes at a set price (currently from 75p – 0.5 mm White) – standard shapes covered by this service are circle/ring, oval, polygon or star (no need for a quote/set up fee to use this item, but you will need to reach minimum order).

Wish List Item

If after considering the paid for options above and deciding you are not ready or if you are only in the ‘mulling over’ stage and you are still unsure of preceding to a paid for item, we have now opened a Wish list!

You can send us your ideas or suggestions for new items through the site and we will add them to a wish list, which we will work through if and when possible. The form will collect information – so give us as little or as much as you can/want, you can add the item to an order or send it on its own. We can’t guarantee to respond or when we will respond, as our workload is often overflowing but if we can we will give you an idea whether your idea may one day be made into a product or not, and when.

(All above prices plus VAT and delivery)

One Item – Three Ways!

Here’s how you can utilise MDF in three different ways to create fantastic sturdy and luxury metal items. We can now laser cut the MDF to any shape needed, for you to create all sorts of brilliant products with a professional finish!

Dry Wipe Board: Adding MDF to a shape for use as a Dry Wipe Board is a fab idea! It makes it more sturdy and easier to hold – perfect to create great products for kids, teens and adults alike! Try creating notice boards, behaviour charts, and games or puzzles – perfect for use at home and on the go.

Fridge Magnet: Creating Fridge Magnets with an MDF back not only makes them more durable but also much easier to move around and add/remove to and from a magnetic surface. The extra layer of luxury from the MDF doesn’t hurt either – we have loads of fantastic shapes perfect for this!

Pot Stand/Placemat: Our Placemats or larger fancy shapes as Pot Stands make for great presents and keepsakes – especially for Weddings, Anniversaries, and celebrating moving into a new house! Choosing to have an MDF back makes the overall product much more substantial, stable, and sturdy.


See our Inspiration gallery for amazing ideas using our older and Brand new Easter items!

Lots to tell you this time and as mentioned, plenty more to come before Father’s day and the Jubilee, as we bring you more themed products and Xtra VALUE packs to name but a few… but also please feel free to add to the newly created ‘Wish list’ item and let us know your ideas!

Kind Regards,
Nicci, Carl, Claire, Sam, Emily, Rachel, Louise, Caroline, Tina, Jodie, Nigel, Brandon, Rob, Sally, Bill, Petal the Doberman, Trixie the Jack Russell, & Donder and Blitzen the Sprocker Siblings – the Subli Metals team!

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