CraftiMetals, Shut Easter Week! The Coronation, plus Father's Day ideas 👀

Firstly: A REMINDER that we shut Good Friday for one week Easter break – re-open Mon 17th April.

As we announced in our March/April Newsletter, we have a new website called CraftiMetals! It’s the same metal and most of the items you usually buy from us but marketed to use as a crafting base for paints, stencils, pastes, papers, etc, rather than just for sublimating. It is also a more permanent solution for small or sample orders…

Please check it out! We have ported user information in, so you can use your password and account on the new site straight away. It should be very familiar to you with the same layout as Subli Metals – just branded differently and the photos show mainly crafted items rather than sublimated. Please check here: Introduction to Crafti Metals! A great introduction to getting started with Crafti Metals! Find Out More for an overview and this category for a great pictorial guide to how fab our metal looks crafted: Aluminium Sheet (standard stock sizes).

However, please be aware there are 2 major differences to take into account:

  • The minimum order has been removed on Crafti Metals and carriage is lower – still Parcelforce 24 Courier, we are subsidising it on this site…

  • BUT the prices for all items (other than packs) are more expensive across the new site.

We have been trying to help with the ever increasing costs issue – and so we have added Pay Later with Paypal to help those who need to spread the cost. Also, after more number crunching, we will have a price freeze for at least the next 2 months!

Finally, another reminder that our Easter Shutdown is coming up next week – we will be closed on Good Friday 7th to Friday 14th April and re-open on Monday 17th April!

Important Dates:

  • Easter – 7th to 10th April
  • Our Easter Shutdown – Friday 7th April to Friday 14th April (We re-open Monday 17th April!)
  • The King’s Coronation – Saturday 6th May
  • Father’s Day – Sunday 18th June

March/April Free Gift

The Free Gift for March and April is a mini mixed Offcut Pack! To allow you to sample our new Xtra Xtra Value Offcut Packs, each order throughout March and April will receive a little bundle of offcut pieces, mostly white and silver, but also some of our other gold or copper pieces. These are very useful for testing and sampling – and tie in really well with our new website (www.craftimetals.co.uk), as they will be ideal for you to experiment with!

March/April Special Offer

March and April’s Special Offer is further discounts on our Offcut Packs – need more to sample and get creative with than our free gift this month? A further 20% off these packs through March and April – buy them on Crafti Metals if you don’t need any other items, as we have no minimum order on this site and packs are priced the same as on Subli Metals!

New Products

Eggcellent Easter!

Easter is fast approaching, so make sure you get your orders in for any last minute Easter products!

Our ‘eggcellent’ range of Egg Holders were launched for Easter last year, and make wonderful novelty gifts and prizes for Easter Hunts! Available in a range of shapes, these Egg Holders can hold treats the size of a Creme Egg.

The Easter Hunt Set is a perfect choice for anyone wanting a sturdy and reusable mix of shapes to aid in setting up Easter Egg Hunts. It contains a great mix of our Easter Themed Shapes including: Eggs, Sheep, Chicks, and more!

We also have individual listings for all of our Easter Shapes, so be sure to check out the Chick, Sheep, Egg, Rabbit and Rabbit Pawprint, Largeand Small Flowers, and Easter Basket for more ideas to create wonderful Easter Themed products for your customers! Think about using these as decorations to commemorate a child’s first Easter or even decorations as Easter Hunt Prizes, complete with the date or year to create a cute keepsake for the kids!

The Coronation Approaches!

With the Coronation set for the 6th May, many people will no doubt be looking for souvenirs and keepsakes to remember the day!

Consider Keyrings, Fridge Magnets, Coasters, or Badges as small keepsakes – or even any of our Royal Themed Shapes printed up as Wall Art or Commemorative Plaques! Since the official Coronation Logo is free for anyone to download, it can easily be incorporated into any kind of design. Check out the official page on royal.uk and just be sure to read the usage guidelines: Coronation-emblem

We have added some brand new Crown Cake Toppers to our existing Cake Topper Listing! These will make great additions to the top of any cake or sweet treat baked for Coronation Parties! The Crown Cake Toppers would also work fantastically for any royal prince or princess themed party too…

Check out our Gem Shapes (Oblong, Circular, and Terrarium Style), Crown Shapes (Regal and Crown/Splash), Maltese Cross Shape, and Fleur De Lis Shape which can all be used with a royal theme in mind!

Fantastic Father’s Day!

We’ll be continuing to cover our extensive range of Father’s Day products in more detail throughout the next couple of updates, with plenty of fab inspiration for you from our in-house and customer design team…

Our Golf Club Bag and Motorbike shapes have undergone a review and have been updated with a range of new sizes! The Motorbike is now available in 6 sizes and the Golf Club Bag available in 5 sizes, allowing you to create all sorts of products from Keyrings and Bag Charms, to Fridge Magnets and Wall Art. The golf bag makes perfect shape for a golf themed bookmark!

Make sure to check out some of our popular products for Father’s Day including: the Hex Spanner, Hammer, Hand Saw, Beer Glass, and the Hand Saw Cut Above Sign! Consider using our Trophy and Free Standing Trophy Shapes to create some awesome ‘Best Dad/Grandad/Uncle’ or ‘Number One Dad’ awards that make great gifts for Father’s Day!

New Shapes!

We have a brand new Plane Shape that has just launched! This is a front view version of a Plane and is perfect for any aviation enthusiasts out there! On the Supergiant A3 and Giant A4 sizes we have added the option for it to be a Clock – the clock hands will look a bit like the plane’s propellers! Aside from a Clock, use this shape to create Dry Wipe Signs, Wall Art, Keyrings, Fridge Magnets, and more.

We also have the first of our Dinosaur Shapes – an awesome Triceratops! It is available in 6 different sizes and perfect for anyone who loves Dinosaurs! Stay tuned for even more different Dinosaur Shapes being added soon, but for now enjoy creating fun pieces of Wall Art, Signs, Door Plaques, Fridge Magnets, Keyrings, and more with our terrific Triceratops Shape!

Our third brand new shape is a Cat! This cute side view Cat is available in 7 sizes, including two sizes of Clock! This shape is perfect for cat owners or lovers (or maybe even squirrels as he could double up as one with his big bushy tail!) – our range of sizes allow for all sorts of products to be created. Consider also pairing the Cat Shape with our Witch Hat, Pumpkin, or Ghost Shapes for fantastic Halloween themed items!

Keep an eye out for even more new items making an appearance in the near future… some new jewellery pendants, updates to our Unicorns, a new Bone shaped lead holder, more Dinosaurs and some ‘Gym and Exercise themed’ shapes – such as a dumbbell/barbell, boxing gloves and bikes – are just a small teaser of what we have planned for our next product releases this year!

Happy Easter and keep on subbing! 🙂

Kind Regards,
Nicci, Carl, Claire, Caroline, Pippa, Jodie, Emily, Louise, Tina, Nigel, Jo, Rob, Bill, Lisa, Petal the Doberman, Trixie the Jack Russell, & Donder and Blitzen the Sprocker Siblings – the Subli Metals Team!

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