Getting Ready for the World Cup + New Products for Christmas! 🎁⚽

Hope you are all getting ready for the Christmas rush – looks like it’s going to be one of the late ones this year – joy-of-joys! But this often happens when we have such unseasonal weather in late October, but rest assured it WILL happen, Christmas ALWAYS does lol…

We have been reviewing our prices again lately, with items still rising sharply around us, but we are pleased to say we have managed to absorb extras at present and have decided to announce a PRICE FREEZE right up to the end of February 2023, so you can at least have some certainty now on buying from us, in a very uncertain world.

As we begin the Christmas run in, remember that we will be closing on Wednesday 21st December for Christmas Break. We will re-open on Tuesday 3rd January, so please remember that before and after the shutdown, turnaround times will be slower. Strike action by Parcelforce is also happening right through November and December, so apologies in advance if you are affected by this (we update our site message – at the top of the website – with current confirmed strike dates, so please check this).

This issue we’re celebrating the World Cup with our fabulous metal ‘Wall Chart’ and our project this time features Christmas Gifts for everyone with some new launches to compliment our existing range of gift sets!

Finally, we hope you’ve noticed us proudly displaying the ‘Made in Britain‘ logo all over our site, having earned the right to display it as we design and make the majority of our items in house, here in sunny Yorkshire! Maybe your business could display it too? Check out the criteria at for yourself, it’s free!, to see if it can help give your marketing the edge.

Important Dates:

  • Christmas Shutdown – Wednesday 21st Dec to Bank Holiday Monday 2nd Jan (We re-open on Tuesday 3rd!)

November/December Free Gift

The free gift for November is from our selection of wonderful decorations included in our NEW! Luxury Christmas Decoration Gift Set! Every single order in November will have one – so if you order once you’ll get one, three times – you’ll get three, etc etc!

In December we will be sending you a special printed gift, to say thank you for your custom throughout the year – every customer will receive a printed NeatNote Station, that is supplied flat with a scored section to bend, combining a place for sticky notes/pen and dry wipe note section – perfect for any busy business owner’s desk!

November/December Special Offer

November and December’s Special Offer is our NEW! Luxury Christmas Decoration Gift Set – 8 decorations in 2 options (classic baubles or festive shapes) packaged in a keepsake tin! Order before December 20th to receive 20% off!

New Products

Customer ‘Share To Win’ Photos

In this issue’s Share To Win we have Laura Cadman’s beautiful circular tokens using our 50 mm circles! These would make fantastic gifts for Christmas – and you could design the tokens however you wish depending on the theme you want to go for – whether it’s tokens for strength or for various favours!

We also have Kerrie Pegrum’s super A7 Hanging Panel Set in a tin! This is a great gift idea for this holiday season as the panel hangers can be personalised with pet photos, family photos, or important dates and thoughtful quotes!

Seasonal/Marketing Ideas

We showed off our new World Cup Board in our October Update email, and with the matches due to run through November and December, this is a great gift idea! This board (using our A3 Ricoh sized metal) is a brilliant way to track all the matches and scores as the tournament progresses – it’s perfect for any football fan! This is available as a set on our Wall Chart and Game Board listing and included is a FREE download of our World Cup Board artwork so you can create your own boards straight away!

We are exploring the idea of using hook and loop pads to be able to attach and remove things from the metal as needed, which gives us a cheaper alternative to the Unisub Magnetic Steel Boards (these are brilliant for creating luxury magnetic wall charts and game boards, however may not be the best choice if your customer is on a budget).

Don’t forget about using our sporty shapes, MDF Bases, and Free Standing Trophies to create all sorts of personalised keepsakes for customers and local sports teams! Alternatively think about using these for bands and musicians, authors, or even local charities to produce awards or promotional items for events!

We have also recently launched a few new shapes, and although these will be featured in more detail in our first Newsletter of 2023 (stay tuned for that!), we wanted to start showing some ideas as to how you can use these! Our new Horseshoe Shape is available in 3 different styles (Classic with holes, Classic, and Filled) as well as 6 different sizes. Our new Dove Shape is available as a single Dove in 5 sizes or as 2 Doves holding Rings in 2 sizes!

We also have a sneak peek at a brand new clock being added to our range very soon courtesy of another request on our Wish List! It is currently in the design stage, but pictured is a silhouette idea of what you can expect it to look like!

One Item – Three Ways!

We chose to use our Gonk Shape (which launched in July!) to demonstrate the different ways in which you can design and print up this shape! It’s a super versatile shape, and here’s 3 ideas on how you could use it..

Christmas Gonk: Gonks are a popular decoration for Christmas, and they look awesome on the tree! As it is a simple design, the colours can easily be changed to match your own decor or theme. The Gonk could even be designed holding a gift, gingerbread person, or a shining star!

Bee Gonk: Gonks are not just for Christmas! You could design them in all sorts of ways for each season or occasion. We designed a bright summery Bee Gonk (which also matches with our Bee Shapes!), but consider creating Autumn, Flowery, Birthday, or Easter Gonks! All of these different styles of Gonks would make a great set of Charms or Fridge Magnets!

Mushroom House: These Mushroom Houses are another way to use the Gonk Shape, and they look fab in a garden scene! They would fit in perfectly with any fantasy themed display or fantasy themed party as wall or table decorations. Pair them with cute fairies, or maybe a Gonk/Gnome who lives inside!

So that’s a wrap for now … just one more update before the end of the year to go (can you believe how quick this year has gone?!) Please remember to get your orders in as early as you can with the Parcelforce strike and our 4 day week to navigate, but please rest assured, we will be working as hard as we can to get your orders out as quick as possible 😊

Don’t forget to check out our project for this issue in the Inspiration Gallery!


Kind Regards,
Nicci, Carl, Claire, Caroline, Pippa, Jodie, Emily, Louise, Tina, Nigel, Jo, Brandon, Rob, Bill, Lisa, Petal the Doberman, Trixie the Jack Russell, & Donder and Blitzen the Sprocker Siblings – the Subli Metals Team!

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