Christmas Gifts For All!

Cracking Christmas Gift Sets + New Advent Calendar Ideas! ūüéĀ

Project 026: Christmas Gifts For All!

The focus in this project is on gifts for Christmas! We have a nice selection of Luxury Gift Sets that would suit a range of different customers and interests, plus lots of ideas for using our products to create personalised decorations to gift to loved ones this holiday season!

A few new Luxury Gift Sets have just been launched! We have a Decoration Gift Set with a choice of a Bauble Set and a Fancy Christmas Shape Set, and a new take on a Bookmark and Book Tag Gift Set for all those bookworms out there!

We’re also recapping a lot of our existing Gift Sets to remind you of these brilliant products and how they can be printed up and personalised in many different ways to appeal to a range of customers as gifts this holiday season!

And of course, our awesome Elf On The Shelf Pack is available with the full free downloadable art pack so you can get started pressing without delay – this would make a great gift for the whole family too, especially when personalised specifically for the customer!

Dazzling Decorations!

We have two new Christmas Decoration Gift Sets that would make brilliant gifts this holiday season – a Bauble Set and a Fancy Christmas Shape Set! Both sets can come with our 102 x 102 mm Tin and a 0.5 mm White Topper to allow the Tin to be designed and personalised as part of the gift too – plus it’s a great way to store the decorations together! A pack of ribbon in assorted colours is also available to allow you to add a nice finish to your gift sets.

Decorations for Christmas are ideal gifts because they are so easy to personalise with photos and names to create a fully custom set that can be used year after year! Think about decorations as gifts for a baby’s first Christmas, or first Christmas in a new house or as a married couple! Consider using our Best Selling Bauble Shape, our selection of Baubles on our Bauble Barmy listing, or even our fancy Christmas shapes such as: snowman, snow globe, snowflakes, gingerbread people, stars, stockings, elf boots, and more!

Elf On The Shelf!

The Elf on the Shelf Pack is jam packed with a mix of our fantastic shapes, and also comes with some FREE downloadable sheets containing our artwork (designed and drawn by our in-house designers!) pictured in the example for you to print up a set straight away!

It has become more popular in recent years to participate in the Elf on the Shelf as a way to count down to Christmas – and it seems it will stay popular! This set would make a great gift to any family needing more ideas and inspiration, and the set can be printed up in many different ways to appeal to families of all ages!

This is also a brilliant way to get the whole family excited for the holiday season, and might just be what some families need to get their kids involved in counting down. The pack could also be designed to be on the more educational side for families with younger children to teach them all about Christmas too!

New Products!

Hook and Loop Advent Calendar:

After our experiments with using hook and loop pads on our World Cup Board Set, we started thinking of other ways we could put them to use on our other products!

Advent Calendars are a brilliant product, and something that can be reused to offer a more ‘green’ alternative to buying one every year! These new Advent Calendars utilise the hook and loop pads, and are available in a few different shapes and sizes for the main board. They come with the choice of a set of circles or squares.

Use the Tree or House to create a wonderful countdown to Christmas in which decorations are gradually added, or use our standard A4 or A3 Ricoh size to create any kind of scene you think would work best! These Advent Calendars are perfect candidates for personalisation, so keep that in mind when marketing to your customers!

Candy Cane Holder Plaque:

The Candy Cane Holder Plaque is a new addition to our Christmas range Рanother completed customer request through our Wish List item Рwhere we allow YOU to request new design or product ideas. The plaque comes with 24 x 10 mm holes to allow you to hang candy canes from it (most standard sized candy canes should fit!). This makes a wonderful Advent Calendar/Countdown to Christmas or Naughty & Nice Plaque idea too!

This fun product could also be used as treat boards for a way to give rewards once tasks are completed – it works for kids and adults too!

Gift Sets!

We have an ever-expanding range of Luxury Gift Sets which would make perfect Christmas gifts no matter the recipient’s interests.

We have just launched a brand new Luxury Bookmark and Book Tag Gift Set. This set comes with an 85 x 54 mm bookmark and allows you to add a book tag set from a choice of three different variations. You get to choose from our our wide selection of tassels to complete the bookmark, and also add our 96 x 59 mm tin to gift or store the whole set together.

Our A5 Hanging Triptych along with our A7 Hanging Photo Panel Luxury Gift Sets are brilliant for personalising with family photos! Consider using festive family photos to create lovely seasonal decorations for the house – mix photos and quotes for inspirational sets! The option to add a tin with printable topper to gives your product a professional finish!

The Luxury Fridge Magnet Gift Set has been updated with a new Christmas option. This shape set includes: a traditional snowflake, snow globe, snowman, gift, and tree in a mix of large and medium sizes. The Fridge Magnet Gift Set makes a great present for anyone! The magnets can be used to decorate any magnetic surface and can be personalised in a number of different ways.

Don’t forget about our popular Luxury Cufflink, Pandora Bracelet and Pendant Gift Sets either! These sets make beautiful gifts for any jewellery lover. Additionally, check out our Luxury Multi-Charm Keyring, Heavyweight Keyring and Pet Tag Gift Sets as individual gifts. And our Luxury Coaster Gift Set and new Coaster and Placemat Luxury Gift Set to create wonderful products themed for winter, Christmas, or any celebration that your customers will cherish!

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