Brilliant ideas for Halloween and Christmas, plus exciting news! 🎃🎄

We’re back from our Summer break (the team worked super hard and we’ve caught up the backlog – thanks for your patience, this week and last!) and we are refreshed and ready to roll, with a bumper packed newsletter full of inspiration, new products, ideas and some ‘sneak peek’ news!

The year is really speeding by fast – we can’t believe this is already our September/October Newsletter! We have some great things to show you in this issue…

We’re highlighting some of our brilliant Halloween products in the Seasonal Section – be sure to check them out if you need anything before October 31st! And of course, we’re continuing to cover even more Christmas products and ideas throughout the rest of the year – all in good time so you can prepare for the holiday season!

Our project for this Newsletter expands our theme from the previous issue… We’re once again diving into the realms of Fantasy, but with a little more of a focus on Steampunk this time! We also have a lot of new products ready for you to check out that we have been working hard on behind the scenes!

And last but by no means least, this bit of news is the best!! Keep an eye out for another update arriving in your inbox ASAP – because some awesome new sublimation metal has just arrived – from a new supplier to us – with an exciting assortment of different finishes, thicknesses and colours! Once we’ve tested through and uploaded the new choices to the site we’ll let you all know what’s available!

Important Dates:

  • Christmas Shutdown – Thursday 21st December (Noon) to Monday 1st January, we re-open Tuesday 2nd January!

September/October Free Gift

September and October’s Free Gift is a shape from our fabulous new Steampunk range! To showcase how awesome our machined shapes department is, and let you sample the power of Steampunk, you will receive one of our medium to large shapes in September and a few of our small or tiny/teeny shapes in October in your orders!

September/October Special Offer

The Special Offer for September and October is 20% off one of our new ‘Scene in a Tin’ Luxury Gift Sets – we’ve created various sets to get you started, (including steampunk, forest and fantasy, and magic) with more to be added ASAP but you will also be able to buy any of the 3 sized sets as tin, inserts and slotted bases at the 20% off and add your own selection to create your own themed and perfectly personalised gift… so don’t miss out – buy yours before October 31st!

New Products

Socials – Follow Us!

We’ve recently been expanding our bases on various social media websites. You can find us over on Instagram: @_sublimetals and @craftimetals

Please consider giving us a follow on both accounts to stay up to date with us and all of our activities and great products here at Subli Metals!

We also have a Sublimetals Customer Group over on Facebook. Everyone is welcome to come and join in the discussions, ask questions, get hints and tips, and show off their makes!

Seasonal/Marketing Ideas

Our external Design Team have put together some brilliant Halloween decorations using our range of Halloween Shapes, including: the Pumpkin, Skull, Skull and Crossbones, Witch Hat, Coffin, Ghost, and Apple. Hopefully these help to give you some inspiration for your own Halloween decoration.

If you’re throwing a party this year, our Build Your Own Halloween Party Pack is a perfect choice! It offers a great selection of products to use for decorations, signs, bunting, and food markers!


If you’re looking for some great Christmas ideas – then look no further! We have some brilliant Hook and Loop Advent Calendar Sets that are perfect for creating a re-useable and fun product to be enjoyed by the whole family! A member of our external Design Team came up with this awesome ‘Moody Teenager’ Advent Calendar using our House Shape and 25 mm Circles (pictured above!).

Our Cash Cards are once again a fantastic choice for anyone! They are a great way of giving someone a money gift and can be personalised and printed up for so many different occasions! Of course, our focus this time is on Cash Cards for Christmas, and they can be just the gift you need for those people who are difficult to buy for!

Make sure you also check out our Christmas themed Tealight Wraps and Cake Toppers. These are simple but effective products that can add an extra special touch to your festive displays!

Don’t forget about our range of Christmas Shapes that are brilliant for creating all sorts of decorations! From our Angels, Elf Boots, Gingerbread People, and Gonks to our Stars, Baubles, Snow Globes, and Bells – there is bound to be something that appeals to everyone…

One Item, Three Ways!

Leaf Wreath – This Leaf Wreath is a new set and has been designed as a memorial wreath with the names of loved ones printed onto each leaf. This is a beautiful decoration, especially for the holiday season where the loss of a loved one may be felt that little bit more.

Christmas Wreath – A decorative wreath for Christmas is a brilliant idea and we have a few different Christmas themed sets to choose from! This set uses the 12 Hook Wreath and 12 Traditional Snowflakes to create a lovely ’12 Days of Christmas’ wreath, ready to be used year after year.

Remembrance Wreath – A wreath for Remembrance Day is a bit of a different idea, but a lovely sentiment for the occasion. This set offers a 12 Hook Wreath and 12 Poppies which can be printed up with names and dates, photos, or the phrase ‘Lest We Forget’.

Don’t forget to go and check out the awesome Stylish Steampunk Project!

We hope you’ve found some inspiration in some or all of our new themes and products we’ve been busy adding over the summer, ready to inspire you for some new product ideas up to Christmas and beyond… We’ll be adding more themed shaped sets (including Christmas and Halloween) to our new ‘Scene in a Tin’ Luxury Gift Set in the next few weeks, plus of course, adding our new selection of metal finishes on various products for you to try out!

So as mentioned, we’ll email an update as soon as we have more news…

Happy Subbing!

Kind Regards,
Nicci, Carl, Claire, Caroline, Pippa, Jodie, Emily, Louise, Tina, Jo, Lisa, Petal the Doberman, Trixie the Jack Russell, & Donder and Blitzen the Sprocker Siblings – the Subli Metals Team!

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