Recap of our Halloween n Christmas products + Summer Shutdown reminder! ☀️

Happy August! Summer is in full swing and we hope that you’re all getting a lot of nice weather!

In this update we’re recapping the Halloween and Christmas products that we introduced in our main July/August Newsletter, but also aiming to expand upon these ideas to give you even more inspiration for your own products, plus a reminder of our Design-a-Gonk Competition!

Important Dates:

  • Summer Shutdown – 22nd to 29th August (We re-open Tuesday 30th!)

The cut off point for orders to be despatched before our Summer Shutdown will be Thursday 18th August at Midday.

Please plan accordingly and remember to get your orders in early the week before so your orders can be dispatched before we shutdown. We also ask for your patience during our return (week commencing Tuesday 30th as the Monday is a bank holiday) as we work through the backlog of orders as quickly as we can – thanks in advance!

July/August Free Gift

The free gift is a 45 x 25 mm 3 mm MDF base with a slot, and one of our Brand New! Medium Gonk Shapes to stand in the slot to create a great 3D decoration! Find the template for the medium size Gonk by clicking this link HERE

We are also running a competition until August 31st to Design a Gonk with the chance to win a £50 off voucher! Follow the link to find out more and download the template to get designing (so you don’t need to have bought or even received a free Gonk to submit an entry, we’re accepting email artwork using our template OR photos of printed up Gonks – it’s up to you!)

Bizarrely, we don’t normally get many entries for this kind of competition, even though we know you are all a very talented bunch out there, and £50 would surely be a pretty useful coupon?!…you must just all be a shy lot – so even if you don’t think your design may be the best – why not enter anyway? – you got be ‘initowinit” as they say!

July/August Special Offer

July and August’s special offer is 20% off any purchase of Gonks or Gonk Family Sets – offer ends August 31st, so don’t delay – get your Gonk order in today!! P.S. a Gonk is not just for Christmas – they make great Gnomes, Elf Faces, and Mushroom Houses! Plus dress them up for summer, add costumes – the list is as long as your imagination…

July/August New Products:


We have recently launched an amazing ‘Build Your Own’ Party Pack Listing with Halloween options for the time being, but keep an eye on this for more themed packs being added soon! This Build Your Own pack is perfect for putting together brilliant party table spreads. You can choose your own quantity of triangle bunting, A4 or A5 signs, Name Place Cards, and Bowl Markers to compliment the pack of Halloween themed shapes!

We have 2 brand new shapes for Halloween – a Skull and Skull & Crossbones! These shapes will make great spooky but fun decorations, wall art, clocks, keyrings, and more! The Skull in particular will look brilliant when used as bunting – you could even try pairing it with the Ghost Shape!

Don’t forget about our existing ‘spooky’ themed products too! Check out the Witch HatPumpkinGhostSpiders, and the Letters – which can be great for spelling out all sorts of fun Halloween words! We have also updated our Coffin Shape and Bone Shape with new sizes, adding even more potential to these brilliant shapes – consider using them for jewellery, bookmarks, business cards, dry wipe boards, and more!


Elf on the Shelf Pack!

Our Elf on the Shelf pack has just recently launched, and we’d like to take this opportunity to show off more of this awesome product! Our talented in house designers have now drawn and printed up the entire pack, below and made this available as a standalone artwork pack at a very reasonable £15!

This gives you an example of how you can create and use this pack, to give you some good ideas to get you started – and of course you can design and personalise it in any way you wish! But – we have also included the artwork for FREE in the Elf on a shelf product pack! So, for speed/maximum profit combo, use the designs included and add the names of the children in the household you are selling to, to create a personalised but easily achieved gift!. The pack even includes a fab downloadable ‘Ideas Sheet’ which details how items in the pack can be used to help your Elf to create Christmas magic (or mischief!) around your or your customer’s house!

Be sure to check out the description on the product listing for an extensive list of everything in the pack, however here is a small preview of what you can expect to receive: a 102 x 102 mm tin with 0.5 mm White Topper, a wallet card with heart cut outsdown the side, 4 jigsaw pieces, a 90 x 90 square, 5 Tiny Gingerbread People, 5 Tiny StarsOld Paper, a Baby on Board sign, and Elf Boot, and a Door Hanger. Over £25 worth of product and £15 worth of exclusive downloadable designs, so buy the Elf on a Shelf Pack today – £40+ worth for an amazing £19.95 to get ready to sell for Christmas!

Standing Families!

Our new Standing Families make the perfect 3D decoration for the table, mantle piece, or desk! At present we are offering them in already determined sets, but we intend on offering a ‘Build Your Own’ Standing Family Listing soon for those who like more customisation…

The MDF Base is available in 3mm thickness, and with a choice of size and number of slots – 1, 2, or 3! The Shape Sets we are offering so far include: PenguinsBearsGonks, and our A6 Letters to spell out the word ‘Joy’! with more ideas of family groups/sets to follow… Let us know your suggestions for adding to this item using our ‘Wish list’ item here.

While you can either leave the MDF Base as it is or paint on it to create a background, we are also offering an optional printable topper in White 0.5 mm that fits over the top of the MDF Base and can be secured with tape. You could even consider incorporating craft materials to finish the piece (cotton wool makes great snow!)…

We have now also added the MDF slotted display bases as individual product – you can choose your size – and number of slots where applicable – and add whichever shapes you would like from our range using their individual listings! This allows you a lot more creativity when creating an individual display item or putting together your own Standing Family as you can put together your own set. You could also use a range of shapes to build up a scene to display – think houses and trees with a 3 Slot MDF Base to create a lovely scene for the family to stand in front of!

New Shapes!

We love our new Gonk Shape, which is available in a whopping 12 sizes and is a fantastic versatile shape! Gonks are becoming more and more popular as a decoration for the festive season, so take advantage of this simple shape to design all sorts of products to market to your customers – from hanging decorations and fridge magnets, to wall art, dry wipe signs, keyrings, and charms! Although we’re currently focusing on uses for Christmas, this shape could also be themed to a different season, be used as an Elf Face, Gnome, or even become a cute Mushroom House for a fantasy theme!

Another new shape is the Elf Boot! We offer this shape in 7 sizes (and it’s also included in our new Elf on the Shelf Pack!). This shape is perfect for creating great products such as: a dry wipe Christmas List/Gift List, or a Behaviour/Good Deeds Tracker! You could even use the smaller sizes to create fab Christmas themed keyrings and charms!

The new Girl and Boy Shape – which was requested on our Wish List! (check the Wish List out if you have any ideas or requests for new shapes you’d like us to consider!) – is perfect for multi charm keyrings, wall signs, fridge magnets, and more! They are available in 8 sizes and would make a lovely festive decoration after being personalised with photos and names of family members!

Plenty of unseasonal inspiration for you, as we bake in a hot summer LOL…and a quick teaser – be ready for a different theme next time, when we return from our Summer break – as in September we will look at Practical Products and ‘Relax and Bee Happy’ will ‘bee’ the motto!!


Kind Regards,

Nicci, Carl, Claire, Pippa, Emily, Louise, Caroline, Tina, Jodie, Nigel, Brandon, Rob, Bill, Lisa, Petal the Doberman, Trixie the Jack Russell, & Donder and Blitzen the Sprocker Siblings – the Subli Metals team!

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