Father's Day reminder, Value Pack updates, and exciting Subli News... 👀

Happy Jubilee week and welcome to our June update!

We hope that Summer is starting to bring some lovely weather to all of you and the Jubilee celebration has given you a much appreciated boost in sales.

Father’s Day is fast approaching, but there is still time to order any of our new or existing Father’s Day themed shapes for June 19th!

Important Dates:

  • Queen’s Jubilee – June 2nd to June 5th (we are closed for the bank holiday celebrations! 😀 )
  • Father’s Day – June 19th

Last orders this week will be WEDNESDAY 1st JUNE MIDDAY to ensure despatch before the bank holiday, as our courier collects around 2.30pm (though PLEASE NOTE that it won’t be delivered until after the bank holiday weekend as Parcelforce are not delivering Thursday 2nd or Friday 3rd).

May/June Free Gift

Don’t forget that the free gift for May and June is a sample of one of our new Father’s Day or Royal Themed Shapes! You may receive: a Hammer, Lego Brick, Decorator’s or Artist’s Paintbrush, Plank, Fleur-De-Lis, Maltese Cross, or one of our Gems or Crowns – some fab shapes with tons of potential!

May/June Special Offer

May and June’s Special Offer is 20% off our brand NEW! Fridge Magnet Starter Pack or UPDATED! Fridge Magnet Bumper Collection! take advantage before this offer ends on June 30th.

May/June New Products:

Continuing our theme from last month’s newsletter – we have now added a fab Fridge Magnet Gift Set – 5 themed shapes, available in an optional tin or box, with the option also of adding luxury MDF backs, at a fab reduced price! A great gift idea for Father’s day or any other occasion – also think educational, novelties for children, as souvenirs, etc…


Big news this week from Subli Towers is a company initiative that will mean a massive change to the wellbeing of us and our staff – we are trialling a 4 day working week! A true 4 day week, Monday – Thursday, closed Friday, where our staff are paid the same rate for the week, but we only require 4 normal days working instead of 5 (so effectively a 40 hour working week is now a 32 hour week), giving all of us a 3 day weekend to ourselves. We are hoping to minimise the affect on you, other than that an invigorated workforce should lead to more innovation and allow us to expand our range and markets in the future, but we obviously need to let you know about a few changes.

The 4 day week has been trialled successfully now in many companies – with output levels actually increasing when staff are on board and fully behind the initiative. So we are asking for an efficiency drive from everyone here at Subli Metals to allow us to be as productive as before so our turnaround times and service levels remain as high as possible, and allow us to work at a high energy level all year but equally balance our work life with home life more easily. This is particularly important to Carl and Nicci, as the business operates from our home premises and with a growing family (with children and Nicci’s parents living on site) and growing business, the need for more downtime (ie: without 12 extra people on site, LOL) has become paramount for our wellbeing.

Our recent workplace building extensions – which improve workflow – and additions of extra machinery and new ways of packaging and retailing items etc… has made us more efficient, and with our staff’s co-operation, this has given us the opportunity to trial this 4 day scheme for 3 months to see if it is workable. The trial will run into August and maybe beyond – and hopefully then become permanent.

So the biggest change for you will be if you try and contact us on a Friday, as there will be no-one available – please leave a message or email and we will get back to you on Monday as early as possible. You can of course still order on a Friday, but be aware that orders received after midday on Thursdays or anytime on Fridays cannot be processed until the following week (though Parcelforce will still be available to collect Fridays, so we may sometimes use this even though we are not here).

So in summary, we intend there to be no drop in our service levels to you, (and hopefully we will gain a happier, healthier workforce) but we will need your help to plan your ordering accordingly, bearing in mind that if you order after midday on a Thursday your order will not despatch until sometime the following week, so we thank you in advance for your co-operation.

Father’s Day!

In our main May/June Newsletter we announced some brand new shapes! They were: a Hammer, 5 varieties of a Lego Style Brick, 2 types of Paintbrush – a Decorator’s and an Artist’s – and a Wooden Plank or Brush Stroke! Even though we are currently promoting these for Father’s Day, they can be used for so much more – let your imagination run wild…

These shapes make brilliant personalised gifts for any Dad, but also don’t forget about some of our existing shapes that are also perfect for Father’s Day. Consider checking out our best selling Hand SawHex SpannerBeer Glass or BottleGame ControllerGuitar, and DAD Wallet Card CutoutsCut Above A5 signs (Handsaw, Dad or Daddy), and A3 DAD or GRANPA Word Shapes. Consider using some of these shapes to create products such as: keyrings, fridge magnets, coasters, badges, door plaques, dry wipe signs, wall art, and bookmarks!

Talking of bookmarks – after introducing a new ‘budget’ size of bookmark last time, we thought we would update our bookmark section with some graphics to compare and contrast the sizes we now offer. Bookmarks remain one of our top selling items, (even after Kindles tried to wipe them out!! LOL) and are popular across all the sizes we offer – Start with this chart:

Use this to decide which size suits your needs most (and then refer to the Bookmark category to check which price suits your budget best). Check out the great gallery photos for each size too – and for lots of great printing ideas: create film strip bookmarks for movie buffs, reference or ruler bookmarks for students or ‘handyman’ Dads, add conversion tables for chefs, timelines for history lovers…the ideas are endless!

Don’t forget about our range of gift sets that are great gifts for Dads! We offer a Bookmark Gift Set plus the Super Deluxe Golf Gift SetLuxury Hip Flask Gift Set, and the Luxury Cufflink Gift Set which are just a few great choices from our range. Be sure to also check out our Luxury Heavyweight Keyring Gift Set, Multi Charm Keyring Gift Set, Small Clock Gift Set, and Luxury Drink Lovers Gift Set for more gift set inspiration. All of our gift sets are carefully put together with a selection of great presentation choices – including tins, bags, or boxes – for a very professional look!

If you are unsure which products to buy and want to instead sample a selection of what we have, we offer a great Father’s Day Bumper Collection of themed products at a heavily discounted price! (this is also available as a Subli Essentials Father’s Day Pack for those who don’t want to or can’t reach the minimum order).

Xtra Value Packs

We have been continually expanding our range of Xtra Value Packs in order to cover most of our popular products and options in the pack size that is the most economical for us to produce, pack and send – so that we can retail them at the cheapest price possible. The other huge advantage for ordering these, and any of our other Pack items (Standard, Starter, Bumper, and Subli Essentials Packs) is that, as we only offer them in the best selling options, we can pre make, pre check, pack them, and then stock them in high levels. This makes them the fastest items for shipping, meaning these can be ordered, even in quantity later in the week – except on Friday obviously LOL – and will be very likely quickly dispatched (unlike standard bulk or custom orders which are a 2 – 5 day turnaround).

Our Xtra VALUE! packs so far include: A4 Ricoh (Pack of 125), A5 Approx. (Pack of 125 or Pack of 500), 63 x 63 mm Square Fridge Magnet (Pack of 100)197 x 70 mm Door Plaque Value Pack (Pack of 100), 150 x 45 mm Luxury Tall Bookmark Value Pack (Pack of 200)85 x 54 mm Wallet/Business Card Value Pack (Pack of 125), and we recently added a new budget bookmark size and corresponding Xtra Value Pack (Pack of 100) 95 x 40 mm Budget Bookmarks! Plus, the very newest addition – our best selling coaster size is also now available in a New! Xtra VALUE! Pack – Coasters – 90 x 90mm Square (Pack of 100). We will continue expanding this range as and when we can – so keep checking to see what’s been added!

Thanks for reading and hears to a lovely long weekend, with plenty of cheer for Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations (keep your fingers crossed for nice weather!)

Kind Regards,

Nicci, Carl, Claire, Emily, Louise, Caroline, Tina, Jodie, Nigel, Brandon, Rob, Bill, Petal the Doberman, Trixie the Jack Russell, & Donder and Blitzen the Sprocker Siblings – the Subli Metals team!

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